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Executive Committee - Charter

Mission The mission of the LATI through its Executive Committee (EC) is to review & solve problems of the area and support all the Chief Executive Officer's (CEO's) of the member companies by assisting in dealings with Government and other autonomous bodies A. Membership The EC shall have no more than 13 members including the President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, who shall be elected from the EC members.
The President, Senior Vice President, Vice President of the EC shall be the office bearers of LATI. The Secretary General of LATI shall be secretary to the EC Members too. B. Functioning 1. Meetings » The President of the EC shall be appointed for a period of one year.
» The EC shall meet every two months or whenever the President considers if necessary.
» The EC shall have a quorum when a minimum of 25% of if it’s members are present.
» A special invitee can be called to a EC with the President’s permission.
2. Decision Making Decisions of the EC shall be reached by consensus and in the case of disagreement the President may cast his deciding vote. 3. Secretary » The Secretary LATI shall be responsible for organizing meetings, preparing and issuing agendas and taking minutes of the meetings.
» Notice of each meeting including venue, date and time together with the agenda and supporting papers will be distributed to each EC Member within minimum 03 days before the date of the meeting or a shorter time in exceptional circumstances.
» Minutes of EC Meeting shall be circulated to all members of the EC.

Prepared by: Secretary of LATI
Approved by: Chairman of LATI