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LITE Development and Management Company (LITE-DMC), a statutory body established under section 42 of the companies ordinance 1984, is a public private partnership concern mandated/responsible for development and rehabilitation of infra structure in Landhi Industrial Area with the help of funds received from the Government.

The first promoters of the Company Are:
Name Company Designation
Mr. Muhammad Yakoob Nagaria Nagaria Textile Mills CEO
Mr. Muhammad Bashir Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Director
Mr. Dawood Usman Jakura D.J. Corporation Director
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Al-Karam Textile Mills Director
Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba Yunus Textile Mills Director
Mr. Abdul Razzak Teli Nakshbandi Industries Director
Mr. Shaukat Ali Malik Sulfi Textile Mills Director
Mr. Muhammad Khalid Mekotex (Pvt) Ltd Director
Mr. Muhammad Riaz M.N. Textile (Pvt) Ltd Director

The current Board of directors of the Company are as follows:
Name Father Name Company Designation
Mr. Islamuddin M. Zafar Muhammad ZafarIndus Motor CompanyChief Executive Officer
Mr. Ziad Bashir Muhammad BashirGrand Industries LimitedDirector
Mr. Zain Bashir Muhammad BashirGul Ahmed Textile MillsDirector
Mr. Riaz Ahmed Ghulam Muhammad M. N. Textile MillsDirector
Mr. Shaukat Ali Malik Haji JalaluddinSalfi Textile MillsDirector
Mr. Anas Rahman  Feroze1888 Mills LimitedDirector
Mr. Iqbal Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim Al Karam Textile MillsDirector
Mr. Dawood Usman Jakhura Usman D. J. CorporationDirector
Mr. Riaz Chinoy Taufiq Chinoy International Industries.Director

The LITE-DMC has received initial funds of Rs.250.00 Million from the Sindh government. Out of these fund the company has Improve the five major roads in the Landhi industrial area including the construction of open drains, installation of Street Lights and construction of Footpaths. The five Major Roads are:

  1. From Shahrah-e-Landhi to Hussain Chowrangi
  2. From Shahrah-e-Landhi to Gul Ahmed Chowrangi
  3. From M.N. Textile to Mehran Highway
  4. From Sulfi Textile to Nakshbandi Textile
  5. BASF Road.

Now the company has received approval from the Sind Government to improve the Shahrah-e-Landhi Road and I.S.L. Road, which will be started very soon.


LITE Development and Management Company started work on two roads after the approval of New PC-1 of Landhi Industrial Area by Sindh Infrastructure Development Board. The Construction of both roads. The Two Roads are:

  1. 01) From Dawood Chowrangi to Younus Textile
  2. 02) From From Bakra Piri to ISLs second main gate


Protection of environment is an essential task for every one. Supreme Court also emphasized on this issue and gave directions for constructing of Garbage Collection Points (GCP) in every Industrial Area. To implement the directions of Supreme Court, various meetings were arranged to decide the locations for the collection points. LITE Development and Management Company has constructed six Garbage collection points (approved by the concern department) in different locations of Landhi Industrial Area, where garbage is dumped and lifted by Town Municipal Authority (TMA). One Collection point (GCP) is still waiting for written approval from government officials.


LITE Development and Management Company also constructed roads at Mansehra Colony Future More after the approval of New PC-1 by Sindh Infrastructure Development Board.