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Corporate Governance (Special Committees)

Following special committees have been constituted for the term 2009-2010.

Sub-Committee Headed by Other member in committee
Social Security and Labour Mr.Zain Bashir

GulAhmed Textile

Mr.Shoukat Ali Malik
Salfi Textile
Mr.Hussain Kuli Khan
General Tyre Ltd
Law & Order and fire & safety Mr.Samir Chinoy
International Steel
Mr.Major (Ret) yousuf
Shabbir Tile
Membership Mr.Ali Reza Alladin
Shabbir Tiles
Mr.Zain Bashir
Grand Industries
Mr.shahid Soorty
Soorty Enterprises
Media Relations Mr.Fawad Anwer
Orient Textile
Mr.Mohsin Safdar
International Industries
Mr.Zain Bashir
Gul Ahmed Textile
Infrastructure Mr.Shoukat Ali Malik
Salfi Textile
Mr.Ali Reza Alladin
Shabbir Tile
Mr.Shahid Soorty
Soorty Enterprises
Enviornmental Protection Mr. Samir Chinoy
Internatioanl Steel
Mr. Riaz Ahmed
M.N Textile Mills
Mr.Ali Reza Alladin
Shabbir Tile
Mr. Fawad Anwer
Orient Textile Mills