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Executive Committee - Charter

Mission The mission of the Executive Committee (EC) is to review the problems in the area for the month and benefit from each other's experience, decide joint / common action use the LATI forum to assist in the execution of their task and bring to the attention of the MC matters of importance. A. Membership The EC shall have no more than 13 members including the Chairman who shall be appointed by the MC.
The Secretary of LATI shall be secretary to the EC. B. Functioning 1. Meetings a. The Chairman of the EC shall be an office bearer of LATI.
b. The EC shall meet monthly or whenever the Chairman considers it necessary.
c. The EC shall have a quorum when a majority if its members are present.
d. The attendance record of the EC will be posted on the IIL website. 2. Decision Making Decisions of the EC shall be reached by consensus and in the case of disagreement the Chairman may bring the matter to the MC for decision. 3. Secretary a. The Secretary of LATI shall be responsible for organizing meetings, preparing and issuing agendas and taking minutes of the meetings.
b. Notice of each meeting confirming the venue, date and time together with the agenda and supporting papers will be distributed to each member of the EC and MC not later than 4 days before the date of the meeting or a shorter time in exceptional circumstances.
c. Minutes of EC meeting shall be circulated within seven days to all members of the EC and once approved will be sent to all MC members. C. Responsibilities The EC has the following responsibilities: 1. Organization On a proposal from the Chairman, the EC shall discuss and agree any recommendations on issues relating to LATI. 2. Business Planning a. The EC shall discuss and recommend to the MC the annual budget for the Association such recommendation to be approved by the MC.
b. The EC shall prepare key performance indicators for the Association for approval by the MC. 3. Other Issues a. The EC shall discuss matters to be brought for decision before the MC and prepare recommendations thereon.
b. The EC shall obtain information and where necessary take decisions on all other matters presented for discussion by the Chairman and on those matters submitted to it by lower level authorities.
c. The Chairman shall report to the MC at each meeting on the proceedings of the EC.
d. The EC will review and decide joint action on issues in the area relating to law & order, utilities & infrastructure etc.
e. The EC will review and decide the content of the LATI website.

Prepared by: Secretary of LATI
Approved by: Chairman of LATI